Nutshell Prayers book front cover

Return to the Garden with God

Experience the joy of praying in color with Nutshell Prayers

Whether you are a devoted intercessor or you're a little unsure about how to pray, you'll love Nutshell Prayers.

• Learn 7 essentials for a healthy prayer life
• Discover a method for staying focused during prayer
• No memorization — encourages Spirit-led prayer
• An excellent model for teaching/learning how to pray

Nutshell Prayers includes seven color-based prayer themes. Each section of the book includes inspirational photography, sample "seed" prayers, and related scriptures.

Nutshell Prayers for your ministry

• Bulk discounts for youth or missions groups to sell for fund-raising
• Ideal supplement for new believers' biblical foundations classes
• Perfect thank-you gift for "suggested donations" for your outreach

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Nutshell Prayers: an treasured gift book

• Pocket or purse sized: 4.5” x 6.5”
• 64 pages
• Hardcover
• Beautiful full-color nature photography cover-to-cover

$12.95 with bulk pricing available. Contact me for more information.

"What a masterpiece!"

– Maria DeMonte, OP Director of Contemplative Prayer Retreats, Masters of Divinity in Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry